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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Does nobody understand the meaning of friendship anymore???

I don't know what it is with every one these days. It seems as though we have all forgotten the true meaning of friendship, and the fundamental virtues that are required to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with any body. Spouse, mother, friend, children etc. Things like consideration, loyalty, respect, empathy are very important, but are lacking more and more as the generations pass us by!!

It's almost like every body is 100% out for themselves, nobody cares about others in any way!! Friends are supposed to be there for you through anything, and although they don't always have to agree with you. They are supposed to be there to enjoy the great times and help you through the tough ones!!! It just doesn't seem worth the effort for many!!
In the last year, I have had friends do some pretty grimy things to me. They are the ones that hurt me, and when I tell them so, they act as though I am the one who is required to apologize. If I don't act like it was all my fault, they stop speaking to me, until I take responsibility for their ill manners and actions!! AND if I don't they are more than fine to drop me like a hot potato and move onto the next "friend" to use and abuse!!

I just don't understand some people!! If somebody came to me and told me that I hurt them in some way, and that was not my intention! I would take responsibility for my hurtful words or actions!! I am a loyal and trust worthy friend. I do not use or take advantage of people!! I always give way more then I ever take. I am always there any time of the day or night for no matter what!! I do my best to make people feel special in any way I can!!

It would really be nice if I could have just one friend who is loyal. One friend who is always there, and has no reasons to be petty!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!! I hate girls, this is why I never hung out with girls when I was younger. They are always about what drama they can create, and that's just not me!! I rather be sitting out back with the fellas drinkin' and BBQing, listening to stupid jokes!! All in good fun!!
If we could all put down our cell phones, blackberry, and step away from our computers once in a while, we might rediscover the ride of life, with a few true friends by our sides!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Belated Mother's Day to All you Super Mom's!!

Hello Super Mom's,
Masters of the Art of Multitasking!! I just wanted to say a few words to ALL of you!!

Being a Mom is the most rewarding job in the world, but it is also the most thank less job in the world. hahaha!! But when you take a minute and watch your child playing, catching that sparkle in their eye!! It is THE best feeling in the world!!
Some days are also going to be better than other's!! There is no joy in the world better then the joy & laughter of your children!! They love you unconditionally, and give you an unlimited supply of giggles, smiles, hugs and kisses!! Nothing is better than that!!

Now mom's I know it can be tough but you have to keep it together, at least in front of your children!! They are little sponges. They see and store EVERYTHING we do and say.(to be used at a later date,lol) Remember, it is up to you to teach them values, respect, empathy, consideration, and so much more!! The more you teach ladies, the more they will learn!! I have had to change the infamous "F' word to Fabulous in my house, because even when my son was in another room and I mumbled it under my breath, he came right around the corner saying it. I wanted to die. Hahaha!!! If you live in a calm, clean, environment, there is a much smaller chance of your child becoming a loud & rowdy child!! Take it from me, I have tested and observed this theory many times in my 12+ years working with the little darlings!!!
Anyway sorry about the random rant!! Hahaha!!

I hope you all had a Fantastic Fun Filled Mother's Day!! I hope your beautiful families spoiled you rotten, as you deserved to be on your special day!!! And well any other day for that matter!!