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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh Sassy Sally's Sex Talk!!

I was surfing around the other night and came across an awesome blog called, Oh Sassy Sally!! She's sarcastic, funny & straight to the point!! She covers the real life issues on relationships and talks about sex in ways nobody else does!!  You may not like everything she has to say, but Sally seems to know what she is talking about!! She talks about the issues everybody is thinking and wanting to ask about, even though they are topics that most wont dare!!
THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If we can see your ass cheeks, in ANY way!! 

In her post about about women and their lack of self respect. She reminds women what self respect really means, and what it means for you to have it!! Sally gives great tips on regaining & keeping your self respect!!! Reminding the young ladies of our generation that if we want respect, we must prove we are worth it! This is worth the read, for all you young Moms out there! Thanks Sally, for the great laughs!!

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