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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Attention Canadians!!!

The following article deals with objections to providing scholarships to the children of of fallen Canadian soldiers:

Now these people dare take aim at the futures of innocent children who have lost their parents in the Afghan war. They did not choose their parents profession, or to lose them. All politics aside, I am personally disgusted by this and am tired of people who know nothing about the CF taking cheap shots at the hard working people of our proud (and some say under supported) Canadian military. We are widley known as one of the best and most professional militaries in the world. Our men and women face more diversity with a more narrow set of engagement rules than any other force. They take more crap than most others would stand for and still they soldier on. Then they come home to a complacent system that treats them more like a number than a person. Still they soldier on, all the while still willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice because it is their duty.

Now when they do pay that price, these intellectuals gone mad expect the children to not only be disavantaged emotionally by the scars of their loss; but that they should be disadvantaged economically as a result. All this to serve the purpose of teaching society the lesson that war is wrong.

The death benefits to a young soldier's family pale in comparison to the lost lifetime earning potential. Professor Joyce Green thinks honouring these scholarships is "
privileging the children of deceased Canadian soldiers". I wonder if professor Green actually asked a child of a fallen soldier how privileged they feel, how would they answer? Perhaps I'm builiding a straw man here, but the semantics over the word 'hero' could be debated in a less tragic arena.

I welcome any comments, thanks for reading my rant!

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