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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An hour a day of you time will help keep your stress levels down over the Holidays!!

Remember to take a minute or two for you!!

All too often we are so busy shopping, baking cooking, wraping, etc. to take a few well deserved minutes of peace daily for ourselves. When the evening grows quiet, and the children and pets are in bed for the night, do something for yourself!! Take that time to relax and breath,lol. You will be amazed with the results. Not only will you feel less stressed, but you will also get a better night's sleep, if you go to bed in a relaxed state. It is VERY important to regroup at the end of each day!!

My son is in bed every night by 8:00pm, I take me whole evening to do things for me, and as I should. I've spent the entire day catering to the needs of my two year old. I will watch a movie, take a long bath or shower, play games online,. When I wake every morning I am rested and ready for my day!!!

With the Holidays so close, you will need to do this now more than ever. For some people the holiday's are very hectick and stressful, for others it's the most wonderful time of the year. If you are not a fan of wraping gifts, try inhancing your atmosphere a little with some dim lighting, holiday tunes or a traditional holiday movie on while you wrap your gifts. This will help to make your gift wraping a little less stressful and a bit more enjoyable!!

A nice hot bubble bath, is always a great way to relax. Include a few scented candles and some relaxing tunes for extra stress release. If you take these little moments for you daily, the stress will not have a chance to build and build to you explode. You will sqail through the holiday's with a great big grin!!! And that is the way the holiday's are meant to be!!! With this stress free time, you will be able to remember what the holiday's mean to you, and help your little ones lean what the holidays are all about!!

Enjoy your kids now, they really do grow so fast!!!

Happy Holidays!!