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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Message to the Single Moms!!

Good Day Ladies,
Happy St.Patty's Day to you all!! So? What is on your adgenda today ladies??? If you are a bit unsure just yet, then get started on a plan!! If you are Baby Free today,(yeah) take advantage of it and find a place to get your party on today!!

If you have been waiting for the right time to jump back into havin fun, there is no better day to do it then St. Patty's Day?? People everywhere are in the mood to meet new people and have fun!! You will meet new people at every stop and have such a blast along the way!! Be sure to take pictures too for the next day!! ;)

It is more than ok to be out enjoying yourself (without your children) It is more than ok to be having fun and not missing them.!! I will be honest I do not miss my little guy much when he's away!! We are together 24/7 so when he is away we both enjoy it!! I know he's havin' a blast hangin' out with his Dad, and that he's happy & safe!! What more does a Mom need to be care free???

My 3 yr old little man, is with his father for the week and I have a chace to get out and take part in St. Patty's Day festivities this year!! Yeah!!! It's not often I get this kind of free time, so I am going to take advantage of it!! I have been spring cleaning all week, and will be taking this evening to reward myself for a job well done!! I do not usually enjoy spending Baby Free time hung over, lol!! It will be more than worth it today!!!

Get out there ladies the world will pass you by without a second thought!!
It is only you who will have them!!!