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Friday, October 1, 2010

What we mean, when we say " Be A Real Man"

I have been asked a question by a few men in the last few weeks, so I got to thinkin' !! What is Our definition of a "Real Man" Well, I've decided to put it all out there!!

A woman's says to her spouse in anger, "Why can't you be a real man"??? In his mind he is thinking, what the hell, I am a REAL MAN, I work, I drink beer, I like boobs, I drive a truck, I mow the grass, and take out the garbage, hell, I'd never wear pink, how much more of a man can I be???? Well Fellas, that might be your definition of a "Real Man" but it is most definitely NOT ours!!!

A Real Man Will: Support his family, by any means necessary!! Giving them the best in life that he can. Even if it means working with a little pain! He either busts his ass daily at work or, he's staying at home with the kids, taking care of the house, while mom works or goes to school!!
He Will Not: Work for 6 months, twist his ankle walking off a curb, blame it on work and collect disability for the next 2 years, while he sits on the couch playing play station, while his mate has to come home cook, clean, chase 3 kids around and get them ready for bed!!

A Real Man Will: Stand by his mate, 100%! Thick n thin, good and bad!! Because he loves and supports her!! When times are rough, and u go to bed angry, you will find him on the couch in the morning!!
He Will Not: Go get drunk, stay out all night and end up with his ex!!!

A Real Man Will: Get up on Saturday morning by 9am to cook his family breakfast, and start their weekend off right!!
He Will Not: Drink a case of beer Friday night and sleep till noon Saturday, only to eat, clean up and do it again Saturday night.

A Real Man Will: Love you as much as you love him. He will do anything to make you happy, because seeing you happy makes him happy!! He would never hurt you, because he couldn't bare to see you in pain!! Especially because of something he did!!!
He Will Not: Be selfish and think of nobody but himself!! He will not hurt you to make himself feel better!!

A Real Man Will: Get his hands dirty, to get the job done!! He will be proud of his accomplishment in the end!
He Will Not: Call somebody to do it, while he sits and drinks beer, watching!

A Real Man Will: Wrap his arms around you when you are happy, sad or just because he wants to!!!
He Will Not: Sit beside you, while you are sobbing, ignoring your pain, thinking to himself: If I don't make eye contact with her, I won't have to ask what's wrong!!

A Real Man Will: Own up to and take responsibility for his actions! And stand his ground when he has made his stand!!
He Will Not: Blame you or his parents for the reason he is the way he is, and go get drunk, stay out all night, and end up with his ex!!

A Real Man Will: Know exactly what to do to defuse any situation involving his mate!! He will have a tone, a nod an eye twitch, a word, something that will let his lady know he is in control.
He Will Not: Create a scene, fight with her, punch some guy and end up in the drunk tank for the night!

A Real Man Will: Be there to offer his love and support, when you need it!!!
He Will Not: Wait til, you are a stressed out mess, and tell you he doesn't know what you want from him.

A Real Man Will: Offer his lady money for groceries and other things, when he is eating and sleeping more at her house, than at his own.
He Will Not: Eat what ever he wants, sleep when ever he wants, come and go when ever he wants, never offering a dime, while he watches his lady struggle to make ends meet!!

A Real Man Will: Offer to help his lady out when money is tight, even if it means paying a months rent!
He Will Not: Make her beg every body she knows, before he agrees to loan her the money, and then hound her every other day for her to pay it back!!

A Real Man Will: Carry as many of his lady's bags as he can manage, so she can dig for her keys!!
He Will Not: Watch her struggle to the house with 80lbs of groceries, as well as fumble for her keys!

Ok Fellas I know this seems like a lot and may sound a bit harsh, but realistically when you look at what men expect from their ladies, it really isn't that much at all!!! And when you take a minute to think about EVERY man you know over 50 years old, they are hard working, very respectful, courtious, and supportive!!! Men were raised right years ago, now they are left to raise themselves!!! I will touch more on this in my next post but, woman are expected to be superheros all day, and a sultry seductress, at night!!

We cook, clean, discipline, teach, nurture, encourage, and cater to your needs and the needs of our family, before we EVER stop to take a second for ourselves. Feeling beautiful, takes more than a minute, but doesn't need to take all day!! But seriously fellas, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that a woman needs to shower to smell pretty, and in order to do that we need 15 minutes ALONE in the bathroom!!! Anyway I hope you learned something, and I didn't offend too many!!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas!!!

A great way to pass those rainy fall days, is to find some great fall crafts to do with the kids. Crafts are a great way to charge your childs imagination, and also gives them the opritunity to express thier creativity!!! Giving your child a some what structured activity to, lets you have some one on one interaction with your munchkin!! You'd be surprised how a little quality time with your little one, will change your whole day!!!
This morning I decided to get a head start on some fall crafts and activities! I went searching the internet and came up with a few great crafts, on a website I feel deserves some credit!!!

KABOOSE: Great website, for Mom's
Coffee Filter Thanksgiving Bouquet: This was such a pretty little idea! So simple and adds a great fall feeling!!
Hands and Feet Turkey Craft: I really enjoyed doing this one with my little guy. He loves tracing and having his hands traced. This one was very exciting for him!!
Acorn Picture Frame: My little guy love collecting acorns, this is a great way to display his collection, with out looking like a pack rat!!!
Sunflower Wreath: This is a pretty little addition for your fall decorations!! If you are having friends & family over for Thanksgiving Dinner, this is the perfect way to make them smile @ the door!!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Proud Mummy Moment!!!

***It is Amazing how Children have no Judgement or Prejudice, Totally Open to the World***

My son Evan is three and a half, he is very smart and notices everything. He has no problem asking questions, if he does not understand something!!

This morning him and I, headed down to our local weekend market to pick up a few odds and ends! I spend a lot of time there and we are quite close to the other vendors there! Evan propped himself up on a couch in one of the used book booths with his book, and I went around the corner for some fresh produce!! After picking through the brocoli, I glanced over my shoulder at my boy. He was sitting there chatting to some grown man. I dropped the brocoli to go scoop him up, when I noticed the man sitting with him was hearing impaired. I stopped!! I was curious how Evan was going to react to this man, because he could not speak or hear!!

It only took a minute before the two of them were laughing up a storm. Even though neither one of them could fully understand the other, they seemed to have met some where in between. There were times where Evan would look right in the mans eyes, put his hand on his belly, tilt his head back, and laugh!! It really was amazing watching the two of them. They chatted for about ten minutes, before the man had to leave. As he walked away, I touched him on the arm and said thanks for chatting with my little man. He replied with, "oh no, he's a very smart boy, he's very funny too! I really enjoyed talking with him."

Every single day, my boy says or does something that makes me take a step back and say "WOW"! He picks up on so many little things that should be flying right over a three year olds head!! Don't ever under estimate the thought prosess of a child,lol. They are ALWAYS watching, observing, mirroring! They miss NOTHING!! Always keep ur gaurd up, always while adults are talking, even if your kids are in another room. They will use things in conversations, you didn't even know they knew!! And most likely embarrass you to tears!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

EARTH TO MOM'S!!! HELLO??? Is there Anybody home??

Ok Ladies I am going to get serious for a few minutes!!!
This may hurt some feelings but I feel it needs to be said!!!
When you were a child, where was your mother??
My mother was a stay @ home mother for 20 years,
and when her youngest child graduated high school, only then did she go back to work!!
My mother was FAR from perfect BUT...... She was ALWAYS a Mother, First and fore most!!
No matter what, my mother was there, even when I didn't think I liked her that much,lol.
My father was in the Military, he worked from 8-4 and some times was away for extended periods of time!! My mother was left with the 3 of us, as well as babysitting,
no less that 4 other children on a daily basis!!!
My Mother ALWAYS had time to make our business HER business!!
We were a very traditional house hold,
there was no other excuse not to go to school,
unless you were deathly ill.
We were at the table every night,
to eat dinner with the whole family, we all had chores!!
Our parents were strict, but for some strange reason,
they were the coolest parents in the neighbourhood!
They knew every body by name and they were always
interested in what the kids were doing!!
When my Dad wasn't away on the Ship,
he was building small skateboarding parks for our friends,
rebuilding community centers in our neighbourhood, or just hangin out on the grass!!
He was even in charge of dishing out and enforcing the community services, some of my friends ended up having to do!! But EVERYBODY loved my parents!! They didn't take any crap, and wouldn't think twice about disciplining somebody else's kids right along side me, if we were caught doing some thing wrong,lol!!
I truly believe that woman need to WAKE the HELL up and realize that, once you have children, you are a Mother first and fore most!! No matter what!!
The reason why kids these days are so
disrespectful and ignorant to the world around them,
is because they are growing up in daycare,
their parents pick them up, feed them and put them to bed,
or they are coming home to empty houses at the end of their school day!!!
If there's nobody there to listen to their daily events @ school,
where do you think they are going to turn??? That's right, the computer!!
Chat rooms, facebook, predators and major weirdos, who are always there to listen!!!
Parents complain about the amount of time children spend on electronics these days,
but they seem to forget one thing..........
Parents are the ones who are buying these things for their kids,
spending thousands of dollars every year on them,
just so they don't have to spend time talking and interacting with their children!!!
Isn't that why you became a parent in the first place???
If you do not place a computer in your child's room,
you can 100% monitor the amount of time they spend online,
as well as what they are doing and who they are interacting with!!!
Too many parents these days, are expecting other people to raise their children,
but expect to take the credit for it!!!
It disgusts me how many women out there are more concerned
with their own social lives, closets, and the corporate ladders they are climbing,
then they are to be home with their children!! Supervising their actions,
and poking their noses where they don't belong!!
There was a time, when I was 16 that I couldn't talk on the phone,
unless I was sitting in the same room as one of my parents!!
Oh ya, you bet your ass it sucked but,
they always knew what I was doing, and where I was going!!
If I wasn't home on time, they knew who to call,
if I didn't come home they knew there was something wrong and went looking.
There was not one minute in my life that I didn't know that both of my parents loved me!!!
They didn't always get along, but no matter what,
they were ALWAYS Parents first & Parents TOGETHER!!
A united front to the bitter end!!! When it came to punishments,there were no rash decisions,
they always discussed it together in another room and then came together to dish it out!!!
Parents, seem to forget that
That is our RIGHT as Parents, don't EVER forget that!!
Put your foot down more when they are young and cute,
it will be much easier to to do when they are big and ugly!! lol
It's time Mother's focus more on the lives of their children,
and the members of society they will become!!
What kind of people do you want your children to become??
If you want them to be selfish, then all you have to do is...
Just keep being selfish and the rest will just fall into place!!!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Attention Canadians!!!

The following article deals with objections to providing scholarships to the children of of fallen Canadian soldiers:

Now these people dare take aim at the futures of innocent children who have lost their parents in the Afghan war. They did not choose their parents profession, or to lose them. All politics aside, I am personally disgusted by this and am tired of people who know nothing about the CF taking cheap shots at the hard working people of our proud (and some say under supported) Canadian military. We are widley known as one of the best and most professional militaries in the world. Our men and women face more diversity with a more narrow set of engagement rules than any other force. They take more crap than most others would stand for and still they soldier on. Then they come home to a complacent system that treats them more like a number than a person. Still they soldier on, all the while still willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice because it is their duty.

Now when they do pay that price, these intellectuals gone mad expect the children to not only be disavantaged emotionally by the scars of their loss; but that they should be disadvantaged economically as a result. All this to serve the purpose of teaching society the lesson that war is wrong.

The death benefits to a young soldier's family pale in comparison to the lost lifetime earning potential. Professor Joyce Green thinks honouring these scholarships is "
privileging the children of deceased Canadian soldiers". I wonder if professor Green actually asked a child of a fallen soldier how privileged they feel, how would they answer? Perhaps I'm builiding a straw man here, but the semantics over the word 'hero' could be debated in a less tragic arena.

I welcome any comments, thanks for reading my rant!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Message to the Single Moms!!

Good Day Ladies,
Happy St.Patty's Day to you all!! So? What is on your adgenda today ladies??? If you are a bit unsure just yet, then get started on a plan!! If you are Baby Free today,(yeah) take advantage of it and find a place to get your party on today!!

If you have been waiting for the right time to jump back into havin fun, there is no better day to do it then St. Patty's Day?? People everywhere are in the mood to meet new people and have fun!! You will meet new people at every stop and have such a blast along the way!! Be sure to take pictures too for the next day!! ;)

It is more than ok to be out enjoying yourself (without your children) It is more than ok to be having fun and not missing them.!! I will be honest I do not miss my little guy much when he's away!! We are together 24/7 so when he is away we both enjoy it!! I know he's havin' a blast hangin' out with his Dad, and that he's happy & safe!! What more does a Mom need to be care free???

My 3 yr old little man, is with his father for the week and I have a chace to get out and take part in St. Patty's Day festivities this year!! Yeah!!! It's not often I get this kind of free time, so I am going to take advantage of it!! I have been spring cleaning all week, and will be taking this evening to reward myself for a job well done!! I do not usually enjoy spending Baby Free time hung over, lol!! It will be more than worth it today!!!

Get out there ladies the world will pass you by without a second thought!!
It is only you who will have them!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Mother Could NOT be More Mordified or More Proud of My Boy!!

Here's a funny story for you!!!

The other day, my almost 3 year old boy stood up, and put a grown man in his place!! My boy is 3 going on 30 and is wise, well beyond his years!! I am a single mom, (his dad is very much in his life tho) my son is VERY aware he is the man of this house,lol!!

I had a male friend pop in for coffee one day, we were all hanging out in the living room, chattin' & playin'. My friend was teasing my boy. (he really does not like that, nor do I,lol) He would not let up after 15 minutes or so, and my boy had had enough. He walked to the middle of the room looked my friend straight in the eye, dropped his pants, grabbed a hold of himself and said "See that?.......... That's My bird!!!" Pulled his pants back up and walked away!!! I almost fell off my chair. It took all I had not to laugh out loud!! He has NEVER done anything like that before, what to do I thought. He had found his own way to say go F*** urself buddy, I don't know who u think u are, but I am the man of this house,lol!!

I don't think I will EVER be more proud, then I was at that moment!! Even tho I wasn't sure if I should scold him or give him a pat on the back!! After witnessing that, I know my boy will always stand up for himself, as well as others!!! For him to be that dominant, @ less than 3 years old, (without being aggressive) both made me so proud and amazed me!! The virtues he possesses already in his young life, are going to help him grow into a strong confidant man. He is kind, caring, thoughtful, empathetic, honest, curious, flattering & more. He even notices when I have changed my earrings, necklace, and always tells me, they look nice!! If only I could find an adult male that observant. I'd be set,lol!!!

*****Be good to your boys ladies, it will make all the difference in who they become!! Our kids will be running the world one day, don't we want them to be good people????*****

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