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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An hour a day of you time will help keep your stress levels down over the Holidays!!

Remember to take a minute or two for you!!

All too often we are so busy shopping, baking cooking, wraping, etc. to take a few well deserved minutes of peace daily for ourselves. When the evening grows quiet, and the children and pets are in bed for the night, do something for yourself!! Take that time to relax and breath,lol. You will be amazed with the results. Not only will you feel less stressed, but you will also get a better night's sleep, if you go to bed in a relaxed state. It is VERY important to regroup at the end of each day!!

My son is in bed every night by 8:00pm, I take me whole evening to do things for me, and as I should. I've spent the entire day catering to the needs of my two year old. I will watch a movie, take a long bath or shower, play games online,. When I wake every morning I am rested and ready for my day!!!

With the Holidays so close, you will need to do this now more than ever. For some people the holiday's are very hectick and stressful, for others it's the most wonderful time of the year. If you are not a fan of wraping gifts, try inhancing your atmosphere a little with some dim lighting, holiday tunes or a traditional holiday movie on while you wrap your gifts. This will help to make your gift wraping a little less stressful and a bit more enjoyable!!

A nice hot bubble bath, is always a great way to relax. Include a few scented candles and some relaxing tunes for extra stress release. If you take these little moments for you daily, the stress will not have a chance to build and build to you explode. You will sqail through the holiday's with a great big grin!!! And that is the way the holiday's are meant to be!!! With this stress free time, you will be able to remember what the holiday's mean to you, and help your little ones lean what the holidays are all about!!

Enjoy your kids now, they really do grow so fast!!!

Happy Holidays!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Eating to Boost Your Brain Power!!!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Does nobody understand the meaning of friendship anymore???

I don't know what it is with every one these days. It seems as though we have all forgotten the true meaning of friendship, and the fundamental virtues that are required to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with any body. Spouse, mother, friend, children etc. Things like consideration, loyalty, respect, empathy are very important, but are lacking more and more as the generations pass us by!!

It's almost like every body is 100% out for themselves, nobody cares about others in any way!! Friends are supposed to be there for you through anything, and although they don't always have to agree with you. They are supposed to be there to enjoy the great times and help you through the tough ones!!! It just doesn't seem worth the effort for many!!
In the last year, I have had friends do some pretty grimy things to me. They are the ones that hurt me, and when I tell them so, they act as though I am the one who is required to apologize. If I don't act like it was all my fault, they stop speaking to me, until I take responsibility for their ill manners and actions!! AND if I don't they are more than fine to drop me like a hot potato and move onto the next "friend" to use and abuse!!

I just don't understand some people!! If somebody came to me and told me that I hurt them in some way, and that was not my intention! I would take responsibility for my hurtful words or actions!! I am a loyal and trust worthy friend. I do not use or take advantage of people!! I always give way more then I ever take. I am always there any time of the day or night for no matter what!! I do my best to make people feel special in any way I can!!

It would really be nice if I could have just one friend who is loyal. One friend who is always there, and has no reasons to be petty!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!! I hate girls, this is why I never hung out with girls when I was younger. They are always about what drama they can create, and that's just not me!! I rather be sitting out back with the fellas drinkin' and BBQing, listening to stupid jokes!! All in good fun!!
If we could all put down our cell phones, blackberry, and step away from our computers once in a while, we might rediscover the ride of life, with a few true friends by our sides!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Belated Mother's Day to All you Super Mom's!!

Hello Super Mom's,
Masters of the Art of Multitasking!! I just wanted to say a few words to ALL of you!!

Being a Mom is the most rewarding job in the world, but it is also the most thank less job in the world. hahaha!! But when you take a minute and watch your child playing, catching that sparkle in their eye!! It is THE best feeling in the world!!
Some days are also going to be better than other's!! There is no joy in the world better then the joy & laughter of your children!! They love you unconditionally, and give you an unlimited supply of giggles, smiles, hugs and kisses!! Nothing is better than that!!

Now mom's I know it can be tough but you have to keep it together, at least in front of your children!! They are little sponges. They see and store EVERYTHING we do and say.(to be used at a later date,lol) Remember, it is up to you to teach them values, respect, empathy, consideration, and so much more!! The more you teach ladies, the more they will learn!! I have had to change the infamous "F' word to Fabulous in my house, because even when my son was in another room and I mumbled it under my breath, he came right around the corner saying it. I wanted to die. Hahaha!!! If you live in a calm, clean, environment, there is a much smaller chance of your child becoming a loud & rowdy child!! Take it from me, I have tested and observed this theory many times in my 12+ years working with the little darlings!!!
Anyway sorry about the random rant!! Hahaha!!

I hope you all had a Fantastic Fun Filled Mother's Day!! I hope your beautiful families spoiled you rotten, as you deserved to be on your special day!!! And well any other day for that matter!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

So Mad I Could Scream!! That woman was so LUCKY!!

I was out yesterday with a friend, cruisin' around enjoying the beautiful weather! Then we spot this TODDLER, walking down the sidewalk ALONE!!! We pulled over, and I jumped out. I walked over to him and said hello. Took him by the hand and asked him where he lived. "There" he said. THE HOUSE WAS THREE DOORS DOWN from where we were standing"!! Now if you are someone who knows me you know that children (ANYBODY'S) are the world to me. So I was ready to rip that "mom" a new one. Steam comin' out of my ears and all!! We get to the house and as we are opening the door to go inside, I hear "mom" coming down the stairs. She wasn't running down in panic, she was strolling down at an alarmingly slow pace!! She looked at me and said "Where was he". "WALKING DOWN THE STREET BY HIMSELF"!!!! I exclaimed. I wanted to slap that STUPID look clear off her face. Had her children not been standing there I would have.!!

What blew my mind was that she had nothing to say to that little boy for wandering away!! NOTHING!!! R U FREAKING KIDDING ME??? So I bent down and looked that little boy in the eyes, and told him that it was very dangerous to leave the house with out "mom" , and how important it was he stay away from the road!! It was a good 2 minute lecture at least, hahaha!!! As I turned to walk away "mom" looked at me and said "thank you", "It was so kind of you to bring him home!! R U FREAKING KIDDING ME??? What else was I gonna do? Keep driving in hopes he will stay way from the road?? HE'S A FREAKING TODDLER U STUPID BI#CH !! I wanted to put my hand out and say "Walk into this woman".

Now I have a toddler of my own, and I KNOW how fast they can sometimes be. But if they have the time to get down 2 flights of stairs and three houses away, before you notice THEY'RE NOT THERE!!! THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT!!! For all you young mom's out there, remember in 2 minutes it takes to text a msg, you're child can do many things to hurt them selves or others!! How could u live the rest of your life if something happened to them because your DRAMA came before them?!! KEEP YOUR EYES & EARS OPEN ALWAYS!!

****You don't have to hover but one eye and one ear should AWAYS know where your children are!! It's up to us to keep them safe for the first 18 years of their life!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


ATTENTION Motorists and Pedestrians !!!!!

Ok people, I mean REALLY!!!! Is the world in that much of a hurry, that we can't take 30 seconds to STOP, look left to right and make sure both cars have seen you, and are coming to a stop, before stepping out into a crosswalk??? (It is for your SAFETY, and lets face it, common sense) You are just as much responsible for being aware of your surroundings as the people behind the wheel of the car. If not more so because it is much easier for a person to stop their body in an instant, than it is for a car to go from 30-60km to a dead stop in an instant. (Let's be realistic here) Driver's don't always see you right away, so out of respect for yourself, the drivers and the road PAY ATTENTION !!!

Who cares what it is that keeps you occupied while you're on your venture, IPOD, Cell, blackberry, MP3 Player. Your eyes are not doing the talking or the listening. So they're free to do the LOOKING for ya. It is what they do best. Try stopping 5 feet from the crosswalk, and assessing the situation before you even get to the edge of the curb. Yes I know it is the "law"" that pedestrians do have the right of way, but we don't always have to take it. If you are getting ready to cross the street and there's only one car coming your way, let that car pass before you step out to the curb. People in vehicles let each other go out of turn all the time. Why can't we do the same once in a while?? What's the worst that could happen? You live to see another day, and maybe make someone smile, on account of your kind gesture. Think about it !!
Now onto the motorists !!! Put down the cell phone. (You should never be sending texts messages while driving, you know who you are ) Driving a car is just like driving any other heavy machine. You wouldn't want the pilot of your next flight to be sitting in the air text messaging his wife about what they're havin' for dinner, lol. Would ya?? I think not!
Another thing that makes me crazy, as a pedestrian, is that most motorists are in such a hurry that they can't wait until you're completely across the street before they continue along their way. THIS IS HOW PEOPLE DIE !!! When you are stopped, waiting for someone to cross, you can't always see the other side of the street. Sometimes people need to cross from both directions. There could be a child running your way, (just a bit ahead of their parents) that thinks it's safe to cross because the cars are stopped. That would be a hard thing to have to deal with. All because you couldn't wait one full minute. It is the law, and your responsibility as a motorist to make sure that crosswalk is clear before you continue!! And if you don't be prepared.

My friends and I carry small pebbles in the cup holders of our kids strollers, to throw if your not paying attention and blow through the crosswalk while we're still in it. I've also kicked a few front ends. Please have a little consideration that we have no choice but to walk with our children's strollers in front of us, which means that the are in the crosswalk first !!! We walk a lot, and are very courteous and cautious pedestrians, and I've come close to getting hit at least 5 times in the last week. With and without my son.

I am not an angry person by any means, but I do feel very strongly on a few issues. Impatient motorists is one of my biggest frustrations. Too many people die in crosswalks on account of people just not paying attention. Both parties included. So please, just stop and look !!! Ya don't always have to be in a rush, life passes by too fast as it is !!!!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rainy Day Activities, for You & the Kids

There's nothing worse then planning a day out, and waking up that morning and it's raining buckets outside!! The day you had planned of picnics and parks is definitely not going to happen today!! So NOW WHAT??? It's ok don't panic. If you spend the fist two hours of your day doing just a few fun activities with your kids, you will be able to have at least an hour to yourself later!!

Start off by making something simple but time consuming, pancakes, french toast, waffles. Here's the catch though, have your children help with measuring & adding ingredients, stirring etc. (kids love to stir, they'll do it for 5 minutes or so)
** Of course you'll have to do the actual cooking part, but you can have them putting unused ingredients away, putting dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher, while you are flippin' pancakes.***
This will kill and hour, plus you will have just spent some quality time chatting and such with your kids. It's a win win!! Oh ya did I mention that you just taught your kids a lesson in cooking & cleaning!! (Good Job Mom)

Depending on the age of your little munchkins, you can take the next half an hour to read stories, put them in the tub. Again, choose something simple, but fun.

Now it's time to prepare for your hour of quiet time! Only one thing left to do, get the kids back into the kitchen one more time. This time it's to make some home made play dough!! It will take about a half an hour or so to. AND it's more quality time with your kids!!! After the play dough is done, set them up to the kitchen table with some cookie cutters and plastic cutlery. This will keep your kids busy for a while. You will be able to check your email, have a hot cup of coffee, fold some laundry, what ever you like!! Plus the play dough should last a few days, as long as it's placed in an air tight container!! So you'll get a few more hours of peace out of that half hour of quality time!! Again WIN/WIN!!!

Home made Play dough recipe creates dough that is colorful and delightfully scented. For each color of this play dough you will need:

1 Cup flour
1/4 Cup salt
2 Tablespoons cream of tartar
1 Package unsweetened drink mix
1 Tablespoon vegetable oil
1 Cup water
Mix first four ingredients in a medium sized sauce pan. Gradually stir in water and oil, and heat over medium heat for about five minutes, stirring continually. When mixture forms a ball in pot, remove from heat and knead until smooth.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Don't Ever Out Grow The Little Things!!!

This poem hung on a plaque in my Nanny's bathroom for many years, I read it EVERY TIME I visited.!!!
I have always been and always will be a kid at heart. I stop at least once a day and think about either these little things or others that are quite similar. I also find my 19 month old son stopping to pick up a pretty rock or actually stopping to smell the roses. ( I cried a little the first time he did it, it was so random,lol) But we all need to be more aware of the beauty that surrounds us EVERY SINGLE DAY. The sound of birds chirping, the smell of the newly bloomed lilacs, catipillers crawling in the grass, or maybe an afternoon of cloud watching followed by a beautiful sunset!!!!!

Don't Ever out grow the little things
The world just gives away
The free fresh air and sunshine
And the games the robins play
Don't ever out grow the magic
Of a puddle in the rain
The splash one little puddle makes
The joy rainbows contain
Don't ever out grow the shady trees
With shadows twice their size
And the wonder of a perfect moon
That captivates your eye
Don't ever out grow the tender heart
That loves the things is sees
And clings to all the is beautiful
In treasured memories

***Author, unknown***

Mummy Moments, we all need them from time to time!!

Calling all Yummy Mummies (YES, THIS MEANS YOU)
If you are a Mother, THAT in it's self makes you a YUMMY MUMMY (I know it's not spelled "Right" but I am spelling it that way for a reason, Hahaha !!! I know you all know what I'm talking about, we all have those days were we're so busy and frazzled that we are lucky to know our own names, and have on matching shoes. We LITERALLY feel like zombies or mummies !!!! I actually have a funny story to tell about matching shoes, hahaha !!!!

It was a hectic morning and my son kept asking to go for a walk, so I called my walking buddy to meet us for a play date at the park. I was so frazzled by the time I left the house, I failed to notice that I had two different colored flip flops on my feet. One pink and the other purple. I was 20 minutes away from home before I noticed, and at that point I REALLY didn't care. I figured if anybody asked, I did it on purpose, hahaha !!! Hey people wear some pretty strange get ups around here. I totally could've gotten away with it.

When we finally met my friend and her son at the park, she busted out laughing at me, but totally understood how I managed it,lol!! Being single moms sometimes we even go a whole day without looking in the mirror we're so busy. BUT when we finally do OH MY WORD, we're horrified that we've been out in public looking like that all day, and ummmmmm why didn't anybody tell us. hahaha !!! (That's my favorite line to say to my girls, "ummmmmmmm, have I looked like this ALL day??? Why didn't anybody tell me, I looked like I stuck my finger in a light socket??" It always gets a good laugh!!!