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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas!!!

A great way to pass those rainy fall days, is to find some great fall crafts to do with the kids. Crafts are a great way to charge your childs imagination, and also gives them the opritunity to express thier creativity!!! Giving your child a some what structured activity to, lets you have some one on one interaction with your munchkin!! You'd be surprised how a little quality time with your little one, will change your whole day!!!
This morning I decided to get a head start on some fall crafts and activities! I went searching the internet and came up with a few great crafts, on a website I feel deserves some credit!!!

KABOOSE: Great website, for Mom's
Coffee Filter Thanksgiving Bouquet: This was such a pretty little idea! So simple and adds a great fall feeling!!
Hands and Feet Turkey Craft: I really enjoyed doing this one with my little guy. He loves tracing and having his hands traced. This one was very exciting for him!!
Acorn Picture Frame: My little guy love collecting acorns, this is a great way to display his collection, with out looking like a pack rat!!!
Sunflower Wreath: This is a pretty little addition for your fall decorations!! If you are having friends & family over for Thanksgiving Dinner, this is the perfect way to make them smile @ the door!!

Great Recipes, The Whole Family Will Love!!!