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Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Importance Of Playing Dress Up

Playing Dress Up Is Important
 For The Young & Old Alike!

From a very young age, many little girls love to play dress up.  Strutting around in their mother's high heels, pearls, dresses etc.  Pretending to be Mom!  Using their brilliant imaginations to come up with some of the silliest and most creative stories to play out.  This limitless role playing game will provide many, many hours of creative play time for your little girls. Not to mention it will strengthening their imaginations and problem solving skills, while they play! Every Single Day!

If you have ever sat back in another room, listening to their innocent conversations with one another. They can be quite amusing, to say the least. They mimic real situations that they see in real life and even mimic your scolding tones, from time to time! Moments like those are when you realize, children hear much more then we might think.  Reminding us to also mind our manners every now and again!

The Benefits Of A Dress Up Box:
Having a special box filled with anything and everything to spark their amazing imaginations. Giving them the ability to be anything they want to be, if only for a little while.  Playing dress up allows your little girl to step away from who she is daily, and exploring all of the options the world has to offer. As well as a chance to explore them, from the comfort of her own home. She can be a Doctor, A Princess, An Athlete, her favorite Cartoon Character or even a Superhero. Her options are endless.

Encouraging your little girl to play dress up and use her imagination gives her a chance to discover and develop her dreams. Allowing your child the ability to dream about their future is so very important. They dream that they can be anything they want to be, and figure out where their interests lie.  Giving you the chance to encourage them to aim high and dream big.  The memories they create will live on with them for years to come, reminding them how simple life once was.

Dress Up Box Must Haves:
Putting a special dress up box together for your little girl, can be very simple and affordable. Finding discount items at yard sales and flea markets is a really great place to start. You can find some really fun things in those second hand stores. And best of all many will be in their size.  Ask friends and family, if they have any old clothes or costume jewelery they may be getting rid of. You would be surprised how many people would be glad to pass along a few fun items.

Here Is A Small List Of Things Every Dress Up Box Needs:
BLING: Oh Yes, this is a must have. Anything that sparkles, glimmers or shines will be a great addition.  Costume jewelry like clip on earrings, bangles, bracelets, beads, "pearls". Anything at all that might make any little girl feel glamorous.
Shoes: In the world of any female, shoes are VERY important! You can never have too many. For little girls the more shinny or sparkly they are, the more they go with Anything! :) It really doesn't matter the size they come in either because they will wobble around in them no matter what. (especially if they match her outfit)
Purses: Pretty much the same importance as shoes. Purses must match the outfit and the shoes. You can never have too many colours or styles. The funkier the better.
Clothing: Frilly dresses, feather boas, slippers, house coats, capes etc. 

Don't forget to include a few things from Dad's closet too.  For more than one reason.
1) You never know when there might be a little boy dropping by for a playdate. You wouldn't want him to feel left out.
2) Little girls like to dress like dad from time to time as well.

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