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Friday, October 1, 2010

What we mean, when we say " Be A Real Man"

I have been asked a question by a few men in the last few weeks, so I got to thinkin' !! What is Our definition of a "Real Man" Well, I've decided to put it all out there!!

A woman's says to her spouse in anger, "Why can't you be a real man"??? In his mind he is thinking, what the hell, I am a REAL MAN, I work, I drink beer, I like boobs, I drive a truck, I mow the grass, and take out the garbage, hell, I'd never wear pink, how much more of a man can I be???? Well Fellas, that might be your definition of a "Real Man" but it is most definitely NOT ours!!!

A Real Man Will: Support his family, by any means necessary!! Giving them the best in life that he can. Even if it means working with a little pain! He either busts his ass daily at work or, he's staying at home with the kids, taking care of the house, while mom works or goes to school!!
He Will Not: Work for 6 months, twist his ankle walking off a curb, blame it on work and collect disability for the next 2 years, while he sits on the couch playing play station, while his mate has to come home cook, clean, chase 3 kids around and get them ready for bed!!

A Real Man Will: Stand by his mate, 100%! Thick n thin, good and bad!! Because he loves and supports her!! When times are rough, and u go to bed angry, you will find him on the couch in the morning!!
He Will Not: Go get drunk, stay out all night and end up with his ex!!!

A Real Man Will: Get up on Saturday morning by 9am to cook his family breakfast, and start their weekend off right!!
He Will Not: Drink a case of beer Friday night and sleep till noon Saturday, only to eat, clean up and do it again Saturday night.

A Real Man Will: Love you as much as you love him. He will do anything to make you happy, because seeing you happy makes him happy!! He would never hurt you, because he couldn't bare to see you in pain!! Especially because of something he did!!!
He Will Not: Be selfish and think of nobody but himself!! He will not hurt you to make himself feel better!!

A Real Man Will: Get his hands dirty, to get the job done!! He will be proud of his accomplishment in the end!
He Will Not: Call somebody to do it, while he sits and drinks beer, watching!

A Real Man Will: Wrap his arms around you when you are happy, sad or just because he wants to!!!
He Will Not: Sit beside you, while you are sobbing, ignoring your pain, thinking to himself: If I don't make eye contact with her, I won't have to ask what's wrong!!

A Real Man Will: Own up to and take responsibility for his actions! And stand his ground when he has made his stand!!
He Will Not: Blame you or his parents for the reason he is the way he is, and go get drunk, stay out all night, and end up with his ex!!

A Real Man Will: Know exactly what to do to defuse any situation involving his mate!! He will have a tone, a nod an eye twitch, a word, something that will let his lady know he is in control.
He Will Not: Create a scene, fight with her, punch some guy and end up in the drunk tank for the night!

A Real Man Will: Be there to offer his love and support, when you need it!!!
He Will Not: Wait til, you are a stressed out mess, and tell you he doesn't know what you want from him.

A Real Man Will: Offer his lady money for groceries and other things, when he is eating and sleeping more at her house, than at his own.
He Will Not: Eat what ever he wants, sleep when ever he wants, come and go when ever he wants, never offering a dime, while he watches his lady struggle to make ends meet!!

A Real Man Will: Offer to help his lady out when money is tight, even if it means paying a months rent!
He Will Not: Make her beg every body she knows, before he agrees to loan her the money, and then hound her every other day for her to pay it back!!

A Real Man Will: Carry as many of his lady's bags as he can manage, so she can dig for her keys!!
He Will Not: Watch her struggle to the house with 80lbs of groceries, as well as fumble for her keys!

Ok Fellas I know this seems like a lot and may sound a bit harsh, but realistically when you look at what men expect from their ladies, it really isn't that much at all!!! And when you take a minute to think about EVERY man you know over 50 years old, they are hard working, very respectful, courtious, and supportive!!! Men were raised right years ago, now they are left to raise themselves!!! I will touch more on this in my next post but, woman are expected to be superheros all day, and a sultry seductress, at night!!

We cook, clean, discipline, teach, nurture, encourage, and cater to your needs and the needs of our family, before we EVER stop to take a second for ourselves. Feeling beautiful, takes more than a minute, but doesn't need to take all day!! But seriously fellas, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that a woman needs to shower to smell pretty, and in order to do that we need 15 minutes ALONE in the bathroom!!! Anyway I hope you learned something, and I didn't offend too many!!

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